Flat Globe

Discover new cultures

Take part in a large-scale exchange, you will have the chance to discover a new country, its costumes, its history and perhaps a new language !

Our Concept

The point of FlatGlobe is to enable people to discover new cultures for free by receiving a package containing wonders at home. Each traveler will choose what he wants to put in his package to share the things he loves about his country. The traveler will have to send a package to another one before he can receive one! On the other hand, we do not receive from the same traveler, so you will be surprised when you open your package as to its origin!

NB: For reasons of shipping costs, FlatGlobe is for the moment only accessible to the inhabitants of Europe...
Nevertheless, it will soon be open to all other countries ! We would like to introduce you to new countries that you may not even know exist yet. The exchange is open to everyone, whether you are a family, a class or a single person.

In addition, it is possible that you will become a direct recipient after a few moments, the site is new and therefore lacks recipients, update from time to time! (so you will skip the sending step, and get to step 5 of the guide)

NB : FlatGlobe is currently in the test phase, you may encounter some problems during your experience on the site. If so, simply send an email to: contact@flatglobe-exchanges.com, we will do our best to solve the problem.
Thank you for your understanding.

Sign up and fill in your profile

Prepare and send your package

Receive a package & Discover a new culture !

How does it work ?

What to put in your package ?

Everything about your country can be included! Try to make your home as interesting as possible! If you would like to exchange a few words with your recipient, it will be in English. But no need to have a great level, Google translation is your friend! You can still leave a few words in your language to share it and maybe make you want to discover it.

This could be for example:

  • A guide to the country "homemade"
  • A homemade travel itinerary from your beautiful country (with your favourite places)
  • A CD or USB key containing music by local singers
  • Anecdotes about your region, or even an answer to clichés about your country
  • A typical object or game

C’est un bon début et cela permet que le colis ne soit pas trop gros pour payer moins de frais. Néanmoins, il peut être très intéressant d’inclure de la nourriture locale dans votre colis (non périssable bien-sûr !), ou pleins d’autres choses qui caractérisent votre pays!:

Use your imagination !

In the package, you can, according to your choice, indicate a way to contact you (WhatsApp contact, Email, Skype, etc.) in order to get returns on your package. The Flatglobe experience is also an opportunity to meet people on the other side of the world in an original way. Sharing brings cultures closer together.

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